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Washing Machine

Washing machines in Chicago, IL


Unless you love to deep hands in water most times, a washing machine is something you can’t do without. It’s a great investment for every home, it makes it easier, faster and cheaper to keep your clothes clean. Getting a good washing machine is a priority but even the best ones could go bad due to various reasons. Some of the common washing machine problems include;


Noisy washer:

this is usually as a result of an object being where it shouldn’t, it could also be an indicator that a part needs to be replaced. We would technically examine and fix what’s wrong.


Leaking washer:

apart from the fact that your floor turns into a mess, fixing your leaking washer doesn’t cost much. The problem is usually the drain hose, the fix hose, water inlet valve or your door seal. We can fix this in a matter of minutes


Your washer isn’t spinning:

this could be multi-diagnosed with various faults, it could be as a result of overloading which isn’t difficult at all and could be fixed by you. More complex reasons could be that either your switch and settings, drain pump, belt and motor is defective. In any of these cases, you’ll most likely be needing a replacement.


Washer won’t turn on:

after you’ve checked that there’s power supply but your washer won’t turn, our service would be all you need. It’s always a faulty motor, lid switch or timer knob. It can be fixed or replaced.

To fast track your repair process, our team always carry these in their mobile units;

  • Agitator
  • Drum
  • Motor
  • Printed circuit board
  • Timer

Our technicians in Chicago, IL specialize in array of washing machine brands, they include

Samsung repair, Hisense repair, Miele repair, Indesit repair, hot point repair, sharp repair, Blomberg repair, Whirlpool repair, Grundig repair.

In case your brand isn’t in the above listed, never mind. We fix all and sundry.

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