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Ice Maker

Ice Maker in San Antonio, TX


Imagine having all the rooms in your hotel fully booked for guests during summer break, but alas, you have a broken icemaker. Maybe you own a nice cozy restaurant beside the beach, but you can’t get your icemaker to function. Whether you are making a cube, flake, bullet or spray ice or you need ice in your bar, spa, club, office, hotel or restaurant. That sturdy ice machine can develop fault just like any other one.

Issues and solutions


Power issue

This can be caused by the switch, cord or fuse. Start by checking if the power switch is turned off and turn it on. If the power cord is not properly connected or if it is defective, it needs to be repaired. Power issue can also be as a result of a blown fuse, which needs to be replaced by a technician.


Ice making issue

Your ice-making machine can be making too much ice or not enough ice. The cause of this can be a little tricky to detect, but your first point of call is to ascertain whether your machine is leaking or your condenser is blocked. Clean your condenser if it is blocked and consult a professional if you have a worn out drain, which can cause leaking.


Noise issue

It is quite normal for your icemaker to make a soft sound but a squeaking or grinding noise making ice maker needs to be checked. A simple lubrication of the motor pump can do wonders to this but if this does not work, call a professional for repair.

  • Ice taste issue

If your ice tastes bad, wash the ice bin and the shelves. However, if there is no change, check if your water inlet valve is damaged and call a professional in San Antonio, TX for repair.

Mobile Units

  • Inlet Water Valves
  • Thermal Expansion
  • Condenser
  • Thermistor
  • Motor Pump
  • Fan and Fan Blade
  • Evaporator Coils
  • Ice Bin

Top brands

Scotsman, Vinotemp, Dormont, Gold Medal, Ice-O-Matic, Manitowoc Ice, Hoshizaki, Centaur, Electrolux, and other major brands


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