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Freezer repairs in San Francisco, CA


Your freezer sits comfortably in the top 3 most important appliances in your home. There are better chances that you bought it before the sofa in your living room. Either it’s a frozen food to be cooked at a later date or left over from your dinner, freezers save you a frequent visit to the grocery store and ultimately saves money. Even though they are simple to use, freezers however aren’t indestructible. Things could go wrong, and while some need a simple fix, others require professional services and we have your back.

Common freezer faults


Freezer won’t work at all:

this is usually as a result of a bad thermostat and the electronic controls need to be replaced but first check if there’s power supply to your freezer.


Water leakage from freezer:

this could be as a result of a frozen defrost drain that needs to be defrosted and cleaned. The water line and shut off valve are likely culprits and it that case, our licensed expertise would have them replaced for you.


Freezer makes strange noises:

the most likely culprit of a noisy freezer is a bad evaporator fan motor bar the sound of clicking ice maker, sizzling sounds of a defrost cycle and whirling sounds as your fan hits top gear. The evaporator fan motor could be fixed upon detection.

you will most likely be needing to replace your defrost heater if you notice a frost build up. An excessive build-up of frost could be as a result of defective freezer door that isn’t closing properly. This can however be fixed.


Freezer isn’t cold:

a warm or not too cold enough freezer most definitely has a bad thermostat, in this case it needs to be replaced.

Our team in San Francisco, CA carry the following parts in their mobile unit

  • Thermostat
  • Timer
  • Door fits and hooks
  • Fans

We specialize in different brands and makes, they include

  • Amana freezer repair
  • Frigidaire freezer repair
  • GE freezer repair
  • Haier freezer repair
  • Igloo freezer repair
  • Kenmore freezer repair
  • Maytag freezer repair
  • Whirlpool freezer repair
  • Danby freezer repair
  • Idylis freezer repair
  • Magic Chef freezer repair
  • Midea freezer repair

Your brand isn’t in the list? It means you’ve got a special brand and we will love to fix it for you.

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