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Most Common Appliances & their Problems

Dacor Appliance Repair

This California based kitchen appliance brand has been in existence since 1965. It has been owned and ran by three generations of a single family till it was sold in to Samsung in 2016. Since then, Dacor has operated from California as a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics America. Currently, the brand specializes majorly in the manufacturing of kitchen appliances. When you are in need of kitchen appliances such as cooktops, wall ovens, microwaves, refrigerators, dishwashers, wine storages, etc. These and more are what Dacor is best known for. Dacor products are usually epitomized by the interiors which is made out of glass and stainless steel.

Dacor operated out of a 325,000 square foot facility located at the City of Industry in California. You’ll find Dacor products in homes in the United States, Canada and Mexico. The uniqueness of Dacor kitchen appliances has helped it is spilling into developing markets and economies all across the world. The appliance manufacturer distributes its products directly through 1,300 showrooms in the United States, Canada and Mexico. In San Francisco, Dacor runs a Design and Culinary centre and a factory showroom is also opened in Los Angeles. All these are to give customers access to Dacor top range of products.

You can always trust us with all your Dacor Appliances. Our professionals are always ready to look into your Dacor appliances and carry out repairs whenever it is needed. You should always feel confident handing your Dacor repairs over to us.

Our teams in Philadelphia, PA are well trained to handle your repairs and we are ready to provide you with guarantee that you won’t need to bring back your Dacor Appliance for repairs. We are just one call away from you and we’ll get that appliance back on it feet. You just have to trust us!

Fisher And Paykel Appliance Repair

The award winning Fisher and Paykel introduces a style that strikes an equilibrium between resilience, iconic and sempiternal. This brand provides multiple appliance designs and styles that suits any ultra-modern kitchen. Only one word best describes what Fisher and Paykel brings to your kitchen, perfection.

Fisher and Paykel are renowned for refrigerators and freezers that provide ultimate food care. The do this by a means of ducting their refrigerators and freezers with variable temperature zones which makes your appliance perform in consonance with your environment. The refrigerators and freezers are built to perfection and provide plenty of room for the storage of your ingredients and food items.

Fisher and Paykel have flooded the modern day market with lots of products that include microwave, dishwashers, ranges, freezers, refrigerators, rangehoods, electric cooktops, built-in ovens and washing machines. All these products have been meticulously engineered to meet the increasing demands of every household and the daily consumer quest for perfection.

Fisher and Paykel have managed to ease the burdens of our fast paced lives by not only manufacturing these appliances, but by also utilizing the sophistication of micro-compressors and brushless DC electric motor to improve efficiency of all products. The identity of this brand remains in its adventurous designs and optimum efficiency that allows for better user interaction.

Fisher and Paykel’s passion remains untouched, the brand continuously makes conscious effort in producing high-end home appliances and products that makes our everyday routine more enjoyable. This unflinching focus has earned the brand various award in several product categories. What more would you ask of this brand? Except more time off work to enjoy their innovations.

We repair all products and appliances that have been innovated by the brand while we restore them to a proper working order. We ensure that your Fisher and Paykel product continues to provide you with maximum utility that makes your daily routines enjoyable. Our prfoessionals in Philadelphia, PA will help you to elimate your problmes regarding the products which you are facing.


Dishwasher repairs in Philadelphia, PA


Life generally has become busy, and man now constantly keeps looking for ways to make things easy. The implication of this has resulted in the dishwasher becoming a necessity other than a luxury. It is one of the most important household appliances and it helps you get through arguably the most non-attractive kitchen duty – cleaning dishes. Problems over your dishwasher should however be expected but you don’t have to lose your sleep over it, we will fix it.

Most common dishwasher problems

  • Power:

    Every dishwasher needs power to start but plugging it, getting it powered and switching it on doesn’t mean it would work. Sometimes it could be as a result of a bad circuit or a burnt heating element in your appliance. It can be repaired or replaced.
  • Dishwasher Thermal Fuse:

    There might be a problem with your thermal fuse. It's often in the control panel, and can be examined for circuit continuity. If it's damaged, you'll be buying a new thermal fuse.
  • Dishwasher Door:

    Sometimes, the defective part might be the door switch. It prevents the dishwasher from working, and it is difficult to detect when the door is safely closed. If the door latch assembly is also physically broken it cannot be repaired, it requires an outright replacement.
  • Dishwasher Electronics:

    The fault might lie in the control panel. It’s usually as a result of your dishwasher’s age. In this case, a new control panel can be easily obtained and installed.
  • Leakages:

    This is usually as a result of a damaged or a suck spray arm causing a wave action inside the washer tub
  • Timer:

    The timer can also be the defective part. Dishwashers’ timers are a common cause of a non-starting dishwasher. This too can be fixed.
  • Spray Arm Blocked:

    Spray arms underneath the baskets are created to rotate as water is passes through them.  Tiny foreign objects often clog the spray arm which leads to the blockage of the small holes where the water is supposed to spray out.

Any of this issues and more could easily be handled by our experienced expertise in Philadelphia, PA.

Our specialists have in their mobile units the following parts;

  • *Wash pump motor
  • *Circulation pump
  • *Detergent dispenser
  • *Water inlet valve

Our technicians specialize in the following brands,

Bosch repair*,  Maytag repair*,  Miele repair*,  Samsung repair* SPT repair*,  GE Profile repair*, KitchenAid repair*,  Thermador repair*,  LG repair*,  Frigidaire repair*,  whirlpool repair*,  Amana repair*

Washing Machine

Washing machines in Philadelphia, PA


Unless you love to deep hands in water most times, a washing machine is something you can’t do without. It’s a great investment for every home, it makes it easier, faster and cheaper to keep your clothes clean. Getting a good washing machine is a priority but even the best ones could go bad due to various reasons. Some of the common washing machine problems include;


Noisy washer:

this is usually as a result of an object being where it shouldn’t, it could also be an indicator that a part needs to be replaced. We would technically examine and fix what’s wrong.


Leaking washer:

apart from the fact that your floor turns into a mess, fixing your leaking washer doesn’t cost much. The problem is usually the drain hose, the fix hose, water inlet valve or your door seal. We can fix this in a matter of minutes


Your washer isn’t spinning:

this could be multi-diagnosed with various faults, it could be as a result of overloading which isn’t difficult at all and could be fixed by you. More complex reasons could be that either your switch and settings, drain pump, belt and motor is defective. In any of these cases, you’ll most likely be needing a replacement.


Washer won’t turn on:

after you’ve checked that there’s power supply but your washer won’t turn, our service would be all you need. It’s always a faulty motor, lid switch or timer knob. It can be fixed or replaced.

To fast track your repair process, our team always carry these in their mobile units;

  • Agitator
  • Drum
  • Motor
  • Printed circuit board
  • Timer

Our technicians in Philadelphia, PA specialize in array of washing machine brands, they include

Samsung repair, Hisense repair, Miele repair, Indesit repair, hot point repair, sharp repair, Blomberg repair, Whirlpool repair, Grundig repair.

In case your brand isn’t in the above listed, never mind. We fix all and sundry.

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