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Sub Zero Appliance Repair

Sub Zero in San Francisco, CA


Sub-zero kitchen appliances are loved by the world’s best chefs because they have a reputation for making some of the best home appliances you can find. They have a broad recognition for iconic styles and uniquely structured home appliances especially refrigerators.  For companies that started refrigerator production as far back as the 1940s, only a few like Sub-zero have continued to produce quality products that satisfies consumer needs.

Sub-zero produced the first standing refrigerator in 1943 likewise in the mid-50s, produced the pioneering sets of built-in refrigerators, something that modified the future kitchen designs by blending in cabinet spaces and surrounding counters. For over 60 years, Sub-zero has ensured that every detail of their products have been perfectly engineered, from the stylish and unique handles to the solid colour tones. Refrigerator drawers, side-by-side refrigerators, freezers or an under-counter refrigerator, any choice you make gives you a total peace of mind because you know the freshness of your items are guaranteed by Sub-zero appliances.

The tight seal, meticulously engineered dual compressors including a licenced air purification produces a perfect temperature and humidity required by every refrigerator and freezer, that is what Sub-zero appliance owners enjoy. The company has demonstrated a noteful foresight and responsiveness by a continuous improvement and reinforcement of its products to meet the ultra-modern refrigerator standards and to satisfy consumer needs.

The style, design and class that a Sub-zero appliance brings to your home is unparalleled. They have lots of show rooms in Massachusetts, Connecticut and England. Add to the list of Sub-zero freezers and refrigerators, the company also produces to quality wine coolers, ice makers, beverage centers and other kitchen appliances for your wet bar and out door kitchen. 

Our technicians in San Francisco, CA boast a top level expertise that is capable of maintaining and fixing a high value home appliance like Sub-zero products of all types. We are focussed on ensuring that your domestic needs and routines aren’t interrupted by a defective appliance.

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