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Lg Appliance Repair

When you hear LG, the first thing that comes to your mind is life’s good. This is because LG is notable for making electronics, especially radios and TVs, that makes life better. However, LG does not only make electronics, they make highly sophisticated appliances that can withstand the competitive nature of technologically advanced world market.

Although “Life’s Good” is LG’s tagline the formal meaning of LG is Lucky-GoldStar Corporation, which was the name the company bore after the merger of the electronic producing company, Goldstar, with the chemical manufacturing company, Lucky, and LG Cable in 1995. Prior to that, the company’s name at inception in 1958 was Goldstar. The name LG was adopted to make it easy for their consumers all over the world, especially in the Western market, to use.

Although LG was founded in South Korea, it has been able to penetrate the market of many parts of the world from Asia to Africa and North America to Europe. From their logo to the appliances they make, LG is an ever-innovative brand. You can fill your entire home with LG products and it will remain, their kitchen and laundry appliances have been known to be smart, intuitive and energy-efficient.

Their refrigerators, microwave Freezer, Gas Cooker, vacuum cleaner, dryer, and dehumidifiers are some of the latest and most cost-effective appliances you can get for your home use. In 2014, LG launched its smart appliances, which allow customers remotely control their appliances using an app, HomeChat messaging service, from their phone.

In this ever-changing technologically advanced world, only the smart can survive. Our professionals in North Houston, TX are not only smart they are also quick-handed to repair your smart appliances for you. We have a team that is passionate about you as a customer and appreciate how valuable your appliances are to you. Due to our love for appliances, contacting us for your appliance repair can never be wrong.

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