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Most Common Appliances & their Problems

Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposal problems in Phoenix, AZ


Garbage disposals have one thing that makes them even, they are frustrating. It’s always like they all stop working the night when you’re just too tired. No matter how much you loathe them they are surely indispensable and very important as well. Like other appliances with movable parts, different things could go wrong in your disposal system and for different reasons. Unlike other home appliances, garbage disposals don’t cost much to fix.

Common garbage disposal problems includes;



clogs are the commonest garbage disposal problems for obvious reasons. It’s normal for garbage disposals to get jammed but if water stands for too long and your sink and takes forever to drain, your sink pipe has definitely been clogged. Sediments from scales to grease and other food particles are the frequent causes of a clogged sink. This can be fixed by our technicians.


Strange noises:

you can hear your disposal buzzing and humming but it won’t grind, makes weird noises or works at fits at starts, it could be jammed. This happens when something stifles the flywheel. This can be easily fixed for you.


Garbage disposal won’t turn on:

if your garbage disposal doesn’t come up, it’s probably the circuit breaker or a loosened plug. If you have checked all this and it’s intact then the most likely culprit is a bad switch. Relax, this too can be fixed.



 the major cause of a leaking garbage disposal is a loose mounting bolt, bad putty, flange, a hose or your connection. Our technicians will run a diagnostic test and fix or replace where appropriate.

Our team in Phoenix, AZ carries the following parts in their mobile unit

  • Roller blade
  • Flange
  • Flywheel
  • Power switch.

We are experts in different brands of disposal repairs especially InSinkErator that has clearly dominated the garbage disposal market. Others like Waste King Legend repair can also be fixed by our team


Maytag Appliance Repair

Maytag Appliance Repair in Phoenix, AZ

Known as the maker of the most dependable large laundry appliances for the American homes, Maytag has been in existence for over hundred years. Though the company was originally founded in Iowa in 1893 as Maytag Washing Machine Company, it became one of the three prominent makers of not just washing machines but dryers, cooktops, refrigerators and ranges in the North American market.

Whirlpool Corporation acquired the company in 2006 to make it one of its subsidiaries. Since the acquisition, the brand administration of Maytag Corporation has been moved to Michigan, where its parent company is situated. Due to the acquisition, the commercial appliances designed by Whirlpool now bear Maytag name on them.

Maytag Corporation has laundry, refrigeration, cooking, and dishwashing manufacturing plants in Iowa, Tennessee, Armana and Cleveland. The commercial appliance maker also has its own subsidiaries in brands like Admiral, Amana, Jenn-Air, and Magic Chef.

With over 20,000 employees worldwide, Maytag has presence in many parts of the world. It has offices in major cities of Japan, China, Australia, Lebanon, England and about 80 other countries in the world. The international licensing and sales is managed by the Chicago office for coordination.

Although, Maytag appliances are popular for their dependability, there would come a time when it will break down and you need to repair. Whenever you need a reliable hand, you can trust with your appliance, Maytag Appliance is your best bet. You can be rest assured of excellent service as we have 365 Day Parts and Labor Guarantee, which makes us stand out among our peers.

We care greatly about our customer satisfaction and derive great pleasure in making repairs that last. If your appliance breaks down within one year of repair, we would repair it back free of charge. With our topnotch workmanship and our skilled and experienced professionals in Phoenix, AZ, you can be guaranteed of excellent services.


Commercial Freezer

Commercial Freezer in Phoenix, AZ


Any organized restaurant owner knows to prepare for the next day and beyond. A freezer is one thing you cannot do without in a kitchen. Where do you keep your butter, veggies, dough, grains, flours, and those yummy ice creams, the list is endless. A malfunctioning freezer is just one you cannot afford at any time! So, learn some simple ways to deal with easy-to-solve issues with freezers. If it does happen that your freezer is acting up, don’t freak out. You have a repairer at the ready.

Commercial freezer: Issues and Solutions.

Some of the likely problems you may encounter while using your freezer are easy to deal with while you need a professional to deal with others.


The freezer won’t stop running.

Defrost and clean the freezer thoroughly to clear any dirt and build up ice. A dirty condenser might be the cause of this problem, if this is so, clean the condenser thoroughly. If the problem persists, contact our technician for repair.


The freezer won’t power on.

If your commercial freezer is not working at all, check if it is properly plugged. If this is not the problem, try checking if the relay is not burned out. You need a professional repairer to replace your relay.


The freezer won’t freeze.

The first point of call should be to check if the gasket is properly sealed. If that is not the problem, consider the frosting system, your freezer should automatically defrost but if it is not it can lead to build-up ice, which will make it uncool. Other reasons can cause this problem, so, contact a professional.


The freezer excessive noise

If your freezer makes loud grinding noise, you have either loose parts, a defective fan blade, or a damaged motor bearing. There are other reasons your freezer might be making disturbing noise, contact a professional for repair.


Our Professionals in Phoenix, AZ always carry the following in their mobile units

  • Compressor
  • Evaporator Coils
  • Condenser
  • Relay
  • Thermostat
  • Gasket

Top Brands

Beverage-Air, PolyStar, Haier, KitchenAid, Admiral, Amana, Bosch, Electrolux, Globe, TurboAir, Scotsman, FMP, Libbey, Cardinal, True, and other top brands.

LG Appliance Repair

When you hear LG, the first thing that comes to your mind is life’s good. This is because LG is notable for making electronics, especially radios and TVs, that makes life better. However, LG does not only make electronics, they make highly sophisticated appliances that can withstand the competitive nature of technologically advanced world market.

Although “Life’s Good” is LG’s tagline the formal meaning of LG is Lucky-GoldStar Corporation, which was the name the company bore after the merger of the electronic producing company, Goldstar, with the chemical manufacturing company, Lucky, and LG Cable in 1995. Prior to that, the company’s name at inception in 1958 was Goldstar. The name LG was adopted to make it easy for their consumers all over the world, especially in the Western market, to use.

Although LG was founded in South Korea, it has been able to penetrate the market of many parts of the world from Asia to Africa and North America to Europe. From their logo to the appliances they make, LG is an ever-innovative brand. You can fill your entire home with LG products and it will remain, their kitchen and laundry appliances have been known to be smart, intuitive and energy-efficient.

Their refrigerators, microwave Freezer, Gas Cooker, vacuum cleaner, dryer, and dehumidifiers are some of the latest and most cost-effective appliances you can get for your home use. In 2014, LG launched its smart appliances, which allow customers remotely control their appliances using an app, HomeChat messaging service, from their phone.

In this ever-changing technologically advanced world, only the smart can survive. Our professionals in Phoenix, AZ are not only smart they are also quick-handed to repair your smart appliances for you. We have a team that is passionate about you as a customer and appreciate how valuable your appliances are to you. Due to our love for appliances, contacting us for your appliance repair can never be wrong.

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