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Most Common Appliances & their Problems

General Electric Appliance Repair

The consumer-friendly appliance maker, GE appliance, has been in existence for more than a century. Formerly an independent company under General Electric, in 2004, it became GE consumer and industrial after the merger of GE consumer products with GE industrial systems. GE was a multinational conglomerate company ranked among the companies in Fortune 500 and Forbes 20.

 In 2016, GE consumer and industrial was sold to Haier, which gives it the exclusive right to use the GE brand name until 2056. Currently, the brand is known as GE appliances. The luxury appliance make produces some of the world best smart home appliances and has continued to innovate and modernize in the changing world of technology.

Their inventive appliances are made for efficiency and speed. From the speed cook to the water filtration system, the main purpose of GE is to make appliances that make life easier. You can fill your whole kitchen with their appliances as they produce almost every appliance you need in your kitchen from the Wi-Fi-connected ranges to the brewing-system fridges, cooktops to voice-controlled wall ovens, and Ewww remover dishwashers to the sophisticated refrigerators, the list is endless.

GE appliance is an advocate of a clean and healthy environment. It collaborates with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) by promoting some of its programs. The WasteWise program aims at conserving environmental resources and consequently reducing emissions, and the SmartWay program, which has the purpose of ensuring sustainable transportation while moving appliances from the manufacturing operations to the consumers.

Though GE appliances are sturdy, they will eventually break down or requires servicing. We have reliable professionals  who are handy at repairing any form of GE appliances, irrespective of the model or type. Get your GE appliances repaired by us today and it will be the best decision you made.

Wine Cooler

Wine cooler repairs


Since man has not been able to do without champagne, wine coolers have become an essential appliance in our homes. They ensure that your wine is kept at precisely the apt temperature to make it last for as long as it should. Just like any other appliance, wine coolers can develop a fault. Even the best products in the markets stop working at times. Wine coolers aren’t the most expensive gadget in your home but certainly one of the most important. A malfunction can cause a lot of trouble especially when you just popped an expensive wine that you plan to sip for long.

Here are the most common faults associated with wine coolers


Cooler doesn’t start-up:

there’s every possibility that the wine cooler worked before you went to bed but surprise, it doesn’t at sunrise. This could be a slight issue related to your electrical socket or your power cable tripped. If you’ve checked all these but the cooler still won’t switch on, the problem is technical. You need to contact our company for help



wines are best kept at a 40-65 degrees F temperature. If your wine is too warm while stored, it can lose its original taste. When your cooler becomes warm or isn’t cold enough, the problem lies with the door gasket or the door itself. This can be fixed for you.


Weird noises:

like every compressor-based appliance, your wine cooler makes an operative sound. But when the sound is a bit loud and irregular, you should call a professional to help with the check.


Water leak:

a water leak could be messy and irritable. It can be as a result of a frost build up or a more technical issue. Whatever it is, our experts will examine and take care of it.

Our team  carry the following parts in the their mobile unit

  • Light bulbs
  • Switches
  • Bolts and screws

We repair different brands of wine coolers, some of the most popular include

  • Polar Wine Cooler Repairs
  • Vestfrost Wine Cooler Repairs
  • LG Wine Cooler Repairs
  • Infrico Wine Cooler Repairs
  • Foster Wine Cooler Repairs
  • Whirpool Wine Cooler Repairs
  • Avanti Wine Cooler Repairs
  • Westinghouse Wine Cooler Repairs
  • Whynter Thermoelectric Wine Cooler Repairs
  • Haier Wine Cooler Repairs
  • Koldfront Wine Cooler Repairs

Viking Appliance Repair

Since its inception Viking has continued to show the world their great entrepreneurial credentials by producing some of the best high-end kitchen appliances available in the market. The company is a private cum closed knit entity that has expanded from its youth into the markets very best while retaining its core values.

Viking is the originator of the professional segment of tangible appliances in the United States, they own the bragging right of changing people’s perception of appliances till eternity. They produce a variety of kitchen appliances including Viking ranges, stoves and ovens. They have a notorious reputation for transforming kitchens into a surreal place for all cooking adventures.

For over 30 years Vikings have continued to satisfy the appetites of every food hedonist. They have produced a unique platform for chefs to professionally process classy dishes while making use of appliances of the highest order. It’s no secret that Viking has revolutionized how dishes are prepared by deploying the use of ultra-modern premium appliances from storage through the preparatory process and the cleaning up.

Commercial kitchens are not kitchens that fiddle with dandy equipment, Viking has provided stability for outdoor kitchens by delivering relevant technology needed for performance and longevity. The height of comfortability and convenience, the stylish side-swing doors and the incorporation of high speed cooking technology remains the distinct characteristic of a Viking kitchen.

If cooking is anything then a “Viking’ed” kitchen is everything. Viking appliances continue to deliver an ultimate performance in style and design. Viking provides a precision burner control that features a SureSpark power control, matchless convection baking, largest oven capacity, 18,500 BTU’s of surface cooking to mention a few, what more can you ask for?

With all of its sturdiness and class, things could still go bad and classy appliances like Vikings requires an expertise to match. We  repair all models, types and configurations of Vikings home appliances.

Thermador Appliance Repair

Thermador is an important part of the BSH Home Appliances Corporation. The BSH subsidiary is the second largest home appliance manufacturer globally. The Thermador brand has been in existence since 1916. The company has achieved fame in it over a century of manufacturing home appliances that can stand the test of time. The brand has a specialization that range from dishwashers, ranges, cooktops, ovens and refrigerators. All of this home appliances are synonymous with excellence and quality. As the brand that introduced the United States to convection ovens, cook tops and rolled out steams. The company didn’t stop there, it is known for the column type personalized refrigerators.

Thermador makes up part of the American dream that everyone looks forward to in the United States. There must be a Thermador appliance in every American kitchen. With Thermador, you will push past every boundary relying on the best of home appliances. Thermador has never failed to impress with the array of dish care, glean, dishwashing, cooking and refrigeration appliances carrying the Thermador label. Thermador’s products are inspired by their passion and love for everything culinary. The brand is ready to invest a whole lot into research and development in order to create an unforgettable experience in every kitchen.

It’s no mistake that the brand has been manufacturing home appliances that are rated some of the best in the industry. You can pitch your tent with Thermador for the right home appliance to bring a sparkle to your kitchen and a smile to the face of your loved ones.

We are strong lovers and admirers of Thermador home appliances. Our professionals  understand the technology behind Thermador home appliances and we are ready to help you get the best out of them. You can always trust us with your Thermador appliances, they are in safe and trusted hands.

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